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special events photography has always taken a exceptional facet in my hobbies. As a young person  everyone could locate me with a thirty five milimeter Cannon camera in my posession snapping pictures of my best childhood friends and favorite subjects, and the gorgeous land infiltrating the little port place off the north Carolina port where my brother and I through elementary school and college. The pastime blossomed into a much admired money making pastime which I assumed, scanning magazine portraiture and fashion photography in my twentys.  Soon after, I began forging a demanding photography career strategy where remarkable momentums and character building vibes had already started to bloom and be seen within my wedding photo work. Today I am a full-time in demand and nominated Destination Wedding top Photographer and cover all United States and all of Maryland. I am also a recognized Washington state Commercial Photographer. If you get a chance have a look at my site to learn more about my work: [url=https://nickhanyokimaging.com/commercial/][color=#000_url]Bellevue Headshot Photographer[/color][/url]